I’ve never felt like a real boy…

I’ve never felt like a real boy. Sure, I looked, sounded and acted real, but there was always a fundamental element missing. The ability to love and be loved. Stunted as I was emotionally from a childhood where the words ‘I love you’ were never uttered, I grew up not knowing what it felt to be loved. The first time anyone told me so, I said ‘thank you’ because it was a gift.

During my adolescence my friends paired off and found that which to me remained an elusive mystery found only in pop songs and books. Once I got older and moved away from the small town where being gay was a challenge to say the least, I thought New York would provide me with the love so long denied to me. But this city is bereft of romance…

I routinely gave up…

I routinely gave up on finding that which would free my heart from the chains of despair, only to find fleeting romances that neither lived up to my fantasy nor lived longer than a single night. Just when I thought there was no hope, I fell in love, or what I thought was love. And it too turned out to be a dream cum nightmare. He didn’t feel the same, no one ever does.

My need to be loved overwhelmed his obvious faults and still I loved him for all that he was and all that he wasn’t. But he couldn’t or wouldn’t give me a chance; my words left him unmoved as did my beauty, simply another pretty face in a long line that snakes about these five boroughs. Whatever connection we had was simply wishful thinking on my part.

Sure, we could have been friends, probably good if not great friends. But my heart is not a toy and whatever love he may have had for me didn’t make up for that which he stole from me. See, I had been waiting for him, or someone like him, who understood, who cared, who could see me for who I was and wanted to be. But maybe he didn’t see me at all. Or refused to see, or just didn’t like what he saw for it reminded him too much of himself.

Yet, I saw him, and saw through him, and still I remained. I was, in fact, capable of love, or something like it, but it was a futile discovery as I am incapable of being loved. The experiences, before and after him, go to prove it. 10 years of dating and I’ve found no one capable of loving me. Countless hours and dates and online profiles and I’ve found no one capable of loving me. And the fault lies partially with me.

The Story… Final Part

No wonder every guy I date is always just out of a relationship with no interest in finding another. Until they do, and it’s inevitably not me. I’m the layover. Good for a screw before they move on to find someone else to validate themselves. I’m just a dick with a person attached, my emotions, my thoughts, my inner beauty of no consequence once their is spilled and I take a hint to leave. The black boy has served his function.

I am nothing but a symbol to them. A BBC. Or an exotic treat they’ve never experienced before. Or the friend they always wanted. I am idea, not a person to these white boys denying their privilege while exploiting it for their own good. They don’t know me, and why should let them? I let a boy in and he treated my heart as another mirror to gaze wistfully into, Narcissus drowning in his all-consuming vanity that will fade, crumble and die like the love I had for him.

Like the patience and time I have for all of these walls and walls of boys staring out lost, if staring out at all for the headless can’t see. Fleeting from one meaningless hookup to another. Decapitated as well,I too will fleet. Because I have nothing else to give but my body, which is all anyone seems to want anyway – if they want that at all. For me, love is dead, it doesn’t exist. A series of experiences have long had me believe as much, but finding and fighting for the last and only chance I had proved that love is just a dream I once had, a song I once heard or a movie I once saw. I’ve given up.

I’ll slowly and painfully demolish the romantic inside of me, which has done nothing but ruin me, kept me in a spiral of sadness and confusion, and has lied to me in hopes of making me feel like a real boy. But you can’t love a piece of wood, so how and why could the wood ever love you back?

The Flashlight Will Make Life Better

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New Leaf Initiative – Final Story

I’ve noticed in Under 30 Changemakers many of the qualities we found were key to a group’s impact. I’ve seen U30 members feel able to share intense struggles, such as doubting their own worth. I’ve seen abundant generosity, like members offering any help someone else needs just because it’s a Monday and that’s what they want to do. I’ve seen a collective elevate one another closer to the life each individual envisions.

Now we have the opportunity to take that potent community and amplify it by gathering in person to enter even more deeply into our courage and our relationships and our work.

I’ve been fortunate enough to start making my own transformative community with New Leaf Initiative. As the executive director of a nonprofit that runs a coworking space as part of our operation, I know that the boost of being surrounded by inspiring people in an inspiring setting can cause a person to strive for the life they truly desire. I know that a person’s psyche and work can blossom in remarkable ways when that striving is supported.

Witnessing how these two groups help young adults discover and wield their talents is why I’m so excited for New Leaf to fiscally sponsor Under 30 Changemakers and support this year’s inaugural Summit.

Very rarely in life do we find a space that creates a sense of possibility. So many of us have experienced family and friends, educators or employers, who did not understand our desire for a life they considered foolishly ambitious. We deserve spaces that celebrate the uncommon vision. The world needs us to have those spaces. New Leaf is thrilled to join with another community that aims to create that space and equip people to say yes to the work and life they find most meaningful.

Thank you for all that you do for yourselves and for others. See you in San Francisco soon.

Galen Bernard, Executive Director of New Leaf Initiative

Two years ago this week, Under 30 Changemakers founder Tara Byrne and I went through a five-day program that offered support in identifying what drives you and designing your life to pursue that purpose. The inspiration and relationships I found in that program, Mycelium’s Compass Project, changed my trajectory by instilling a sense that I could do the work that mattered most to me.

Seven months later, Tara and I made a month-long roadtrip to learn what it takes to create a transformative environment like this.

We found the healing power of a safe space to share fears and challenges at Watson University. We noted the commitment to transparency of the Unreasonable Institute team. We admired the mix of soft and hard skills that Experience Institute offers its students.

While we were learning about these impactful communities, Tara was busy building one herself.

Q: Could you describe a moment or interaction?

Q: Could you describe a moment or interaction where you realized what impact you had made with One Million Lights?

A: More than the benefits of light is the part of the interview where you hear beneficiaries talk about how the light makes them happy or gives them hope that really makes us realize we are doing something good. we were told of stories about how the lights increased morale and promoted camaraderie within the community. We were told stories of how kids would like to hangout with friends later in the evening or how older ones would interact more because “the sun was still out”, referring to the lighting they had now.

Stories like this make me realize that the impact of our project affects people in many different aspects of their lives. To know now that more than 13,000 families have benefited from our projects makes me realize how much we’ve done, but in the same breath makes me realize how much more we have to do to reach our goal.

Another instance of realizing our impact is during the light distribution itself when beneficiaries turn on their lights for the first time. Sometimes, they have bland expressions as if its expected they get something, but in others, you see expressions of great joy, amusement and gratefulness. Some of these people turn on a light for the first time and are just so amazed at how it works. At that point we ask what they would use the light for and we get a long list of things. Seeing their expressions is enough to know we’ll be changing their lives.

Also, I am reminded of the impact we make every time I give a talk in a high school about the projects we do. Sometimes, we get desensitized to the impact of our projects make, because of the fact that its become a norm to talk about it and see it in action. However, every time we present our work to school kids, parents or other organizations, we tend to realize that while we aren’t quite at a million lights yet, the fact we are changing the lives of our current 13,000 is something big in itself. We get asked questions about the projects and unexpected reactions to the different facts and tidbits we present, these make us realize maybe we are on the right track. It’s funny how it takes the insight of others for us to realize how much we are actually doing. But I think that’s good, because we are never content with where we are, and look for ways to continue to improve.

Lastly, living in some of these beneficiary communities when we do these projects also makes us realize what exactly we are doing. We see how hard life can be without lights, and directly see the impact, when the sun sets and all these white lights turn on in the row of huts in front of me. That’s a really good feeling.