New Leaf Initiative – Final Story

I’ve noticed in Under 30 Changemakers many of the qualities we found were key to a group’s impact. I’ve seen U30 members feel able to share intense struggles, such as doubting their own worth. I’ve seen abundant generosity, like members offering any help someone else needs just because it’s a Monday and that’s what they want to do. I’ve seen a collective elevate one another closer to the life each individual envisions.

Now we have the opportunity to take that potent community and amplify it by gathering in person to enter even more deeply into our courage and our relationships and our work.

I’ve been fortunate enough to start making my own transformative community with New Leaf Initiative. As the executive director of a nonprofit that runs a coworking space as part of our operation, I know that the boost of being surrounded by inspiring people in an inspiring setting can cause a person to strive for the life they truly desire. I know that a person’s psyche and work can blossom in remarkable ways when that striving is supported.

Witnessing how these two groups help young adults discover and wield their talents is why I’m so excited for New Leaf to fiscally sponsor Under 30 Changemakers and support this year’s inaugural Summit.

Very rarely in life do we find a space that creates a sense of possibility. So many of us have experienced family and friends, educators or employers, who did not understand our desire for a life they considered foolishly ambitious. We deserve spaces that celebrate the uncommon vision. The world needs us to have those spaces. New Leaf is thrilled to join with another community that aims to create that space and equip people to say yes to the work and life they find most meaningful.

Thank you for all that you do for yourselves and for others. See you in San Francisco soon.

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